Apples Marketing Strategy

Apple has long separated itself from the competition as a way of branding itself. Of course, in order to do this it has needed to use a specific marketing strategy over the last several years, and this marketing strategy really took fold when Steve Jobs returned to run the company. Since his return, Apple has used a very specific form of marketing in order to promote itself and in order to showcase what it is able to do differently. Ultimately though, Apple has always highlighted the user experience and has pointed to the user experience as being the most important different feature that is there for customers.

One of the most prominent advertising spots over the past decade stands as a hip, younger individual stood in front of a white backdrop and stated his name as Mac, while an overweight individual, wearing glasses and out of style work suit from the 1970s introduced himself with the name of PC. The two would go back and forth and describe what they could do. The Mac individual instructed the viewer as to how easy his experience was and all the features he could do, while the out of date, clumsy PC character could only demonstrate a few general bits of information without becoming bogged down. This really started the first major attempt to showcase Apple as a hip brand with an exceptional user experience and not just an alternative to the traditional PC and Windows computer. Apples marketing campaigns aim to make PCs as appealing as a septic tank.

As Apple began producing more products, it continued to highlight the end user experience. In almost all of its commercials (that didn’t feature the Mac and PC characters), the spot showcases a simple hand, holding an object, such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad and quickly demonstrating what the device can do with only a few taps of the users finger. This helped produce two different results. One, it allowed the viewer to picture themselves performing the tasks, as the hand was very unisex, as almost either a man or a women could be holding the item. The second, the commercials always showed how easy it was to do just about anything with the device.

While Apple has highlighted different features over the years and has continually strived to be an alternative to the Windows equipment, it ultimately highlights the user experience and what it is able to do for the individual and how it can better off their life.